Heat Pump Las Vegas – Our Las Vegas air conditioning experts would like to help you know if a heat pump is in your future. Heat pumps do the job of an air conditioner and a furnace. You would benefit a lot form knowing about how a heat pump operates prior to making a purchase.

These energy efficient units can heat your home in the winter, but unlike a furnace, they don’t burn natural or propane gas to create heat. Heat pumps use electricity to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the long hot desert summers. Heat pumps are often more energy efficient than conventional air conditioners when it comes to cooling and less expensive than heating in a conventional way with a furnace.

Las Vegas Heat Pumps are More Efficient

Heat pumps have now become very efficient when compared to models made just few years before. Thanks to latest technologies incorporated into today’s energy efficient heat pumps, they are able produce a good quantity of heat even at the colder outside temperatures. It is very important to make the heat pump comparison before just writing them off as a viable heating and cooling system.

How Las Vegas Heat Pumps Work

Did you know that heat pumps are able to remove a substantial amount of heat from a cold reservoir (water, air or ground) and delivers this heat to a relatively hot reservoir (your warm house – at least its warmer than the cold outside. They are the most efficient type of heating in the moderate climates. even more efficient than natural gas now that prices are up. heat pumps cam produce up to three times more heating than equivalent energy that they use in electricity.

Water source, air-to-air, and ground can be sources of heat for your home. These units collect heat from air, water, and ground outside your Las Vegas home and bring it inside to make you comfortable in the winter. The unit can also cool your house by collecting heat in your house and pumping it outside in the still hotter desert air.